Bridge to Dreams

Trudy – Fulfilling a Dream of Playing the Violin


Your Content Goes Here Trudy is a lady with musical talents. Trudy is able to play the guitar and the piano and is gifted with an amazing singing voice. Trudy always wanted to learn how to play the Violin, but never had the opportunity. “Bridge to Dreams” supported Trudy with her wish. A local

Trudy – Fulfilling a Dream of Playing the Violin2021-03-01T11:07:11-05:00

Tom Storrie – Receiving His dream Meal


Your Content Goes Here All I want is a T-Bone steak cooked on the Barbeque with baked potato, sour cream, grilled peppers and mushrooms while sipping on a cold Beer. This request was Tom Storrie’s wish. “I’d like to share it with my buddy and roommate”. With the support of the “Bridge to

Tom Storrie – Receiving His dream Meal2021-03-01T11:09:30-05:00

Steven Crich – Own personal IPad.


Your Content Goes Here Steven Crich, a resident since April 15, 2016, is an individual who does not always enjoy activities. Steven is happiest when listening to his favorite DJ – Casey Kasem or following the mystery tales of “The Twilight Zone”. Steven also enjoys searching for music videos on an IPad. Steven’s “Bridge

Steven Crich – Own personal IPad.2021-03-01T10:58:05-05:00